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Touches of Summer

Summer has come to FoaB at last. Being a virtual world, SL does not have seasons but that doesn’t stop designers from making items that reflects the changing seasons. April to May we had spring coloured clothing and now we are seeing the bright colours of summer appearing.

I have been buying a lot of stuff made by Japanese designers lately. I visited the Creaters Pavillion yesterday for the first time in almost 2 years, and apart from known stores like Poetic Colours and Lika Ruby, there are also other stores there that I had not heard of. One was Mees. I found some really cute dresses on sale here for 50L$, including this one with red flowers which reminds me of the bright red poppies that pop in wheat fields and other summer flowers like asters.

The paleness of the background colour adds to the floatiness of the dress and the skirt is so floaty, it is gorgeous. If you were to have one summery dress, I would strongly recommend this one.

During the 50L$ Friday event on 04.06.10, I visited Tiny Bird. I know this store as a hair shop primarily, but they seem to have clothes too. Their FLF item was another summery dress in lilac…

You can still get this dress in other colours at Tiny Bird, so you need not feel left out.

Lastly, I want to revisit the Black and Blue Fair with my next outfit. It is a mix-&-match outfit with items from Wicked Gear and Ducknipple. There is plenty of time for you get the items, as the BBF is open until 03.07.10. The main purpose of the BBF is raise awareness of mental health issues and other associated problems like substance abuse/addiction. Personally, mental health is often ignored and not spoken about. But I can guarantee that each of us has known someone who has had these problems or still suffering in the ‘darkness’. I know how debilitating mental illness can be, as I have had really bad spells of depression in the past and I still have the odd day when it rears its ugly head, casting shadows.

I fell in love with this top right away. I love textures like this probably because I’m interested in history and in part, social history (includes fashion/clothing). I love the textures and clothing created by Beanster Potato of Ducknipple. Some people don’t like plaid/tartan, but they don’t realise that it is one of the oldest weaving patterns known in the world. Since taking these pictures, I noticed that the prim pockets were floating in space and edited them so that they blend in with the pants.

Style Credits

All pics

Skin – Mango Mango – Fresh (pale/freckles)    50L$

Hair – – Brande (dramatic red)    75L$  Summer Sale until 12.06.10

Pic 1

Dress – Mees – Red Flowered   50L$

Shoes – Duh! – Ruby Velvet Flats    old lucky chair or 1L$ item

Poses – Striking Poses – Full of Grace 10 ; P4P* – Can you fell the music 5      *no longer available

Pic 2

Dress – Tiny Bird – Painted Flower (lilac)    50L$ FLF item 04.06.10

Poses – P4P –  Can you fell the music 5 ; Torridwear – Basics 5

Pic 3

Top – Wicked Gear – Fleur de Lis         BBF  80L$

Pants – Ducknipple – Sundays (blue)     BBF  80L$

Poses – Torridwear – Basics 5


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