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My humble opinion

When I read the latest post on Chic Aeon’s blog then the one she give a link to, I was angry by what I felt to be a blatantly patronising attitude of the original blogger.

I would like to state my comments in response to Chic’s post.

  1. Thank you for a fantastic blog, Chic. It is obvious you enjoy blogging, by the hard work you put into it.
  2. I hope that all of us who blog about SL (fashion or not) are adults!!!! I say this, as I do not like being patronised by anyone, no matter how good the intentions. It is hurtful.
  3. I agree with Chic that for a lot of us live in countries where freedom of speech (and this includes the written word) is respected, please remember that the internet is an OPEN forum and anyone can see our work. How we come across in our blogs is as important as we come across in our RL situations at home and at work/college, etc.
  4. I do not remember seeing a How To Blog manual on the internet or remember any rules on how photos should be posted. Personally, as a blogger, I have my own standards which I try to keep. If I want to say something about a design which could be negative, I will do so in a constructive, polite and hopefully, adult manner. Not like a Victorian headmaster. So please do NOT post anything that can be construed as humiliating, hurtful or patronising.
  5. Do not tar everyone with the same fault. Yes, we all make mistakes and we all learn (I hope) from them. But to say that all bloggers doctor photos is wrong, as some do not have the skills to airbrush out blemishes etc and those that do, do so to correct faults like the brightness/contrast (which I have done in the past). But I have not, and will not do, is airbrush out any perceived errors in the outfit, as this is plainly wrong. I will, and have stated at least once, that I have modified a prim or two as they did not fit my shape. I bet we all have had to modify a prim attachment or two in the past.

I hope you can understand how I feel about what has been said or done. I hope too that we can be adults and behave like adults when it comes to our blogs and not like babies losing their favourite toy.


2 thoughts on “My humble opinion

  1. well said Viki, although I think you missed out a word lol
    “I say this, as I do like being patronised by anyone, no matter how good the intentions. It is hurtful.” Did you forget the ‘not’?

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