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FoaB for June

Hey there!!!!! Yes, I’m back with this month’s Budget Fashion series. June is packed to the gills with hunts and for some unknown reason, I seem to burnt out regarding hunts at the moment. But that has not stopped me from getting some great cheapies and freebies for you, thanks to the lucky chairs/boards and Midnight Manias galore in SL.

To kick off, I have a lovely casual outfit from SF Designs, which has been blogged across the feeds to death. But, hey, when it comes to freebies & cheapies, I do it my own way.

I have been wearing this lately to hop across the grid in my search to bring the best freebies & cheapies. It exemplifies Emmi’s taste perfectly… Good quality textures and casualness at its best. SF Designs has this outfit available for the whole of June for both boys and girls. The boys’ version has a white tee.

The next 2 freebies come from [ Last Period ], a large Japanese store that caters well for us girls. I had been to [Last Period] before and had forgotten how good their stuff was. Thanks, Evie for the tp. While I was there, I joined the LP Fan Group (free to join) and bagged a few of the group gifts. The room to the right of the entrance is where you will find the group stuff, you will need the group tag to get the goodies. In the room where the new releases are, there is a free-for-everyone lucky board and I will showing that prize in a late FoaB 🙂 Howwever, instead of naming their items like other places do, their items are numbered.

The first outfit is a group gift….

The second is also a gift, but for everyone!!! This can be found at the entrance (labelled New Year gift), and includes another outfit!

Style Credits

Pic 1

Skin – vive9 – Grace (pale/smoke)   ol$

Hair – – Brande (anxious blonde)    75L$ Summer Sale NEW

Outfit – SF designs – Cargo pants & cropped tee    0L$  June Gift

Shoes – [chuculet] – Leena Heels  *no available*

Bangles – Baubles – Silver (set of 2)    10L$

Pics 2 & 3

Skin – vive9 – Grace (pale/pure)    oL$

Hair – – Scarlett.2      75L$  Summer Sale

Outfits – [Last Period] – Group Gift*  & 2010 New Year Gift     0L$  *group tag needed

Boots – HoC – Neo    40L$


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