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Sometimes I cannot keep up with all the various blogger opportunities… Project Themeory, 50L$ Fridays, 60L$ Weekends, Bargain Hunters Paradise… But when I do get the notecards about these events, I do a quick check on who is doing what and deciding my best plan of attack is. NO! I do not pyshically attack anyone or anything. I mean that I plan my route carefully to ensure I get to new-to-me stuff, as alot of the designers I know of are in one or more of these events.

One such new-to-me store is Tres Blah. I love vintage clothing and period costume, although I do not do any roleplay. Tres Blah took part in the latest 50L$ Friday event and their item was this lovely strapless top with high-waisted shorts outfit. It has that vintage feel to it and I fell in love with it. has been having a summer sale, with their stuff reduced in price to 50, 75 or 100L$. When I first went to the sale, it was laggy as hell and the lag was like trying to walk through mud. What a day or two makes, lol. I went back over the weekend and the lag was still there but not like it had been. I had not tried their hair before, so this was my perfect opportunity to bag a bargain and brought 3 different hairstyles in the blacks and blondes colour packs at 75L$ each.

Oh, one more bit of news…. Apparently BluAbyss Denimore (of Vive9) is back and has set up shop again. When I went to the new (but smaller!) shop, there were 4 Vive9 bags of freebies left out. I managed to get 2 more sets of skin which I didn’t get when BluAbyss was cosing down Vive9…..


Skin – Vive9 – Grace (pale – pure)

Hair – – Scarlett.2 (anxious blonde)

Clothes – Tres Blah – Strapless Floral

Boots – Ducknipple – Smug


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