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The East

Double Dose sort of took a break during May but it will be back soon. I have a new feature that sort of occurred, it’s a kind of Round the World in 80 Days thing…this time focusing on the fashions of various parts of the world… So let’s start our trip around the world in the Far East, comprised of China, Japan and South East Asia.

I had come across Lika Ruby when I explored the Magi Take shop island and found the little LR shop there. However, there is a mainstore, where you can find some gorgeous Chinese-inspired outfits.

This is the Lika Ruby group gift which is available in the store (the group is free to join). It comes with a longer skirt option to create that traditional Chinese dress look. I love the classic combination of black embroidery on white fabric. Also avialable for free is the next dress, which is the 1st Anniversary gift.

And keeping with the Eastern theme, let’s head south and west to India. I have already featured Zaara Kohime’s fabulous works of clothing art before. However, I had not kept up to date with her recent releases until I saw them on the feeds.

I brought the kurta (tunic) and churidar (cotton draw string pants) separately. This would be accompanied a dupatta (scarf) around the neck, not only for decency but also for style, but I wasn’t really up to spending alot of L$. However,  Zaara has been clever in placing complete outfits (including a scarf) for sale, as well as the separate items.

Also, Zaara has created (with some help) her first collection of footwear, the Ilaida Mojris. “Mojris are traditional Indian footwear made from handcrafted leather, ranging from casual inlayed leather to intricate jewelled and embroidered styles” as stated on Zaara’s blog. The shoes are perfect for the above outfit, but as I have already said I hadn’t intended to spend alot.


Skin – Sowelu – Heart

Hair – Truth – Darla (mocha/streaked)

Boots – HOC – Noir

Shoes – Shiny Thing – Zimmy Flats (black)

Poses – TorridWear

Places – Kingdom of Shu and White Taj (both can be found easily in inworld search)

Book your seats for the next leg of the trip now!!!


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