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Got the Summertime Blues!!!!!

Inspiration for the title came from the lyric of the 1958 song by Eddie Cochran, ‘Summertime Blues’… I’m NOT that old but my love of the music from the 50’s & 60’s I can blame on my mum’s old vinyl record collection, lol.

More new stuff!!!! This time it’s hair from Alli & Ali and clothes from Sassy Kitty Designs.

Ok, we have worn their clothes, used their poses, now it’s their hair!!!! Yes, the hair I am wearing is for the guys, given that it’s called Hercules, lol. There are 3 different colours of this hair available for 0L$ or 1L$… 2 in the store inworld and 1 on Xstreet.

The outfit is made of new stuff available at Sassy Kitty Designs. The skirt is the Monday Mania item, and the top is a new release & comes in the cropped version (as seen in the picture) and in a longer version.


Skin – Sowelu – Hair

Hair – Alli & Ali – Hercules (light brown)

Top – Sassy Kitty – Bare Shoulders Cotton (cropped/blue)

Skirt – Sassy Kitty – High Waisted (white)

Boots – HoC – Neo


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