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Dark Katz Hunt – Part 4

I got to just past store 100 and soon found myself flagging…. Trying to do a such a long hunt like this one is not easy… One tip: do it in stages, aim to do like 20-25 stores in a day.

I have decided for this last post I would show a random selection. I have only 3 more non-fashion items to show.

How many activity trees does a Neko need?? This is the 3rd I got on the hunt, lol. Oh well, at least I got to rest my poor little footsies, *giggles*.

One fun item I got was this umbrella…. It ‘rains’ cats & pawprints, heheheheheh.

It’s sunny where I am, but it’s an illusion as it very cold, lol… Less than 10 degress Celcius/Centigrade. But in SL, it is sunny all the time and 2 bikinis were among the fashion prizes, lol.

Not only is there the usual neko/grunge clothing, there is also the odd goth piece or two. The one I loved was the one frrom Dilly Dolls, as you can have 2 different looks…

Thus concludes my DKH tour… I have loads more piccies on my flickr page. I’m off to do the Fashion Freaks Hunt, which is only a nice 79 stores in length. You can check out their blog here.


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