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Dark Katz Hunt – Part 2

I managed to get to store #47 this morning, but unfortunately I have been unable to find some of the prizes. Like all the previous hunt posts, I will feature my favourites. The fashion pics also include the credits… It saves time when there are so many items that have been thrown together.

First I have 2 non-clothing prizes to show you. They are are from Agent Orange and Are We Dead Yet?. Emmi loved the cat nap stump so much she saved it to her ‘Home’ folder, lol. There is a pic on my flickr page showing Emmi napping 😉

On to the clothing & neko prizes…

Emmi loves her new shoulder pet 😛 She has cheekily it called ‘Vikirose’. The 50s Pin ups Tail from FlutterNutterz is a real hoot of a prize… A definite OMG item, and not to everyone’s taste?


One thought on “Dark Katz Hunt – Part 2

  1. Awesome! I’ve been doing this hunt as well. I’m up to #30 and have been taking a break to take care of some other duties I have online, but I’m posting tips and hints for the difficult finds as I go.

    I know that Slave of the Dreams was a total pain to find…the clues are completely irrelevant to the location of the head. Lol.

    If you want tips for the more difficult ones feel free to check out my blog 🙂

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