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All things of Japanese cuteness

Usually FoaB doesn’t have any set themes, as I deliberately set out to bring to you a random selection of the freebies/cheapies out there on the grid. Saying that, this post & yesterday’s can be considered as being themed. The theme is ‘kawaii’. Kawaii in Japanese means cuteness (literally ‘adorable’, ‘loveable’), and one example of this ‘cuteness’ is the Hello Kitty brand.

In SL there has been a growing trend in cute/kawaii fashion styles, not just in clothes but all things relating to SL fashion.

I found a new store yesterday thanks to Evie’s blog… Kawaii by Anoushka Feden. This is a new store in world so there is not a lot avaible at the moment, but what is available is both reasonably priced and cute. The outfit that I am wearing is the subscribo group joining gift.

It’s not often that you come across new designers that show a lot of promise, but Anoushka is certainly one.

The next 2 outfits are mix-&-match of freebies and cheapies from Izumiya, by Izumi Homewood. I have more from Izumiya to show you so look out for that in the near future.

I created this look after seeing a similar outfit on the grid. The only things that I brought were the shirt and jacket for 80L$, everything else I had in my inventory or got for free, like the shoes. The skin is one I got for free from the Vive9 closing down sale so this is no longer available but I am sure that you can find something similar in SL ;).

My current favourite piece of clothing is this jacket. It is sold as a set containing both a long- and half- sleeved version, but also a vest version. Also the jacket skirt prim comes in short and long lengths, so in all you get 6 jackets for the grand sum of 60L…. that’s 10L per jacket style!!!!!! A BARGAIN!!!!!!

I paired it with the recently released Denim One-Piece. The set has 2 versions, the camisole and the one-piece (which is a long dress). But from the pieces included I created a romper-style look.

This versatility in Izumi’s work is what I love the most in SL 😀


Location – Little Pine @ Taliesin Shores.

All Pics

Skin – Vive9 – Belle (light – naturale)    *no longer available*

Hair – Audacity – Kate (henna)

Shoes – Vignette – Toasties (dirt)      0L$

Bangle – Izumiya – Fashion Set #21     25L$ for complete outfit

Poses – Izumiya – group gift     oL$    join in-world group and with active tag, click on the box

Pic 1

Clothes – Kawaii – Denim shorts & strapless top    0L$  subscrib0 gift

Pic 2

Clothes – Izumiya – leggings (black) 3-colour pack 0L$ ; plain shirt (grey) 3-colour pack 20L$ ; Jacket (brown) 60L$

Pic 3

Clothes – Izumiya – Denim One-Piece (black)  50L$ ; Jacket (brown)


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