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All About Evie

My friend and fellow blogger, Evelyn Hartshon, owns a little store in SL. In the past few days/weeks she has passed me some of the new stuff in her store. She sent me a pair of leopard print leggings, following a conversation in IM saying that she had gotten bored with making tops and experimenting with making other clothing items like leggings.

Some time ago Evie had sent me the butterfly tops, but I didn’t have anything suitable to pair up with them. So when she sent me the first 2 sets of leggings she had made, I had the perfect companion piece.

She had sent me the leopard leggings asking for my opinion. I replied that they were good but felt that they need cuffs and a more defined waistline. Evie went quiet for a few minutes, no doubt beavering away in Photoshop redesigning the leggings and making leg cuffs. A few minutes later she sent me a new pair of leggings with cuffs.

Next thing I knew, she was sending me further leopard print leggings in more colours like the purple ones in the picture above.

The poses I have used in all the pictures are also by Evie, but they were test poses as she has only just started making poses.


Skin – Georgia (light – smokey – pale) – Body Heat

Hair – Kate (fudge) – Audacity

Clothes – Evie


Zimmy Flats (faded denim) – Shiny Things

Superb High Heels (purple/white) – Tara

Boots – Alone (black) – Tara


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