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One for the Girls

As the title says, this is one for the girls. This is about the Just for the Girls Hunt, which has been going on throughout April, organised by the same team behind the successful Just for the Guys Hunts.

I have not done the JFTG hunt because it is some 100+ stores long… but I did come across 2 of the prizes, one from Alexohol and the other from my favourite grunge wear store, Ducknipple.

It was serendipitous that I had won the shoes from the Lucky Chair at Wetherby’s some days before I found the dress at Alexohol, and the shoes were in a matching colour. Also while I was at Body Heat looking the Georgia skins, I found the right skin/make-up on sale for 10L$. All thanks to that funny thing, Serendipity, lol.

The second outfit came from Ducknipple.  Although called Pink, in fact it is a purple leopard print dress.

I couldn’t get a picture of the full look as I couldn’t put on my shoes without the shoeshape replacing my skin with a default texture, :(. So I ended downloading the Emerald viewer which is based on the older v1 viewer, and haven’t had the problem since, lol.


Pic 1

Skin – Victoria (light – 80s) – BodyHeat

Hair – Valium (champagne) – Deviant Kitties

Dress – Alexohol

Shoes – #180 DrJ Clleanslate’s dress stilettos – Wetherby’s

Poses – Maitreya

Pic 2

Skin – Georgia (light – smokey – berry) – BodyHeat

Hair – Valium (champagne) – Deviant Kitties

Dress – Pink – Ducknipple


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