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At the Back of the Wardrobe

It happens to us all at some point in RL or SL that while we are looking for something in the closet/wardrobe/chest (of draws), we stumble across some forgotten item of clothing or pair of shoes. We ponder things like ‘when did I get this?’, ‘where did I get it/them from?’ and often we don’t have answers to these questions.

I was looking through the Hunts, Freebies & Cheapies folders in Emmi’s inventory and stumbled across this set of stuff from Diapop. I did some digging around and found that this had been the Diapop offering on the Button Hunt in March.


Skin – Georgia (light – smokey – nude) – BodyHeat

Hair – D.A.N.C.E. (true black) – Tiny Bird    0L$

Tank – I want sun on my skin dammit (water) – Diapop    Button Hunt 0L$

Jeans – Blu Scuro (lowrise) – Diapop   Button Hunt  0L$

Shrug – Poison (grass) – JE*Republic    0L$

Boots – Leather Work (black) – Duh!

Poses – Maitreya & LAP


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