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Double Dose

This week’s Double Dose features 2 store hunts, at JE*Republic and Rotten Defiance. Also instead of the styling credit being at the end, I have decided that they should go with each picture.

I had been to the Rotten Defiance store before whilst doing a grid-wide hunt, but didn’t know that they had a store-wide hunt going on until my friend Evie blogged about it.There 10 skulls to be found, 5 for the boys and 5 for the girls. Also, the hunt happens every month with new gifties put out, yay \o/.

All Pictures

Skin – Georgia (light – smokey – nude) – BodyHeat

Hair – Chic Girl (dark blonde) – JE*Republic

Boots – Leather Work – Duh!

Tattoo – Moloko   (0L$ @ Alternative Fair)


Teal Mini, Death Hoodie, Cracked jeans – Rotten Defiance

Jeans (black) – WhoNose

Word of warning, girls, you will need to a pair of panties as there are no pant(ies) included in the minidress!

Clothes – Plaid Shirt, Jean Miniskirt, Plaid Jeans – Rotten Defiance

Clothes – Circular Saw tee, Burn tee, Arcane jeans – Rotten Defiance

The second store hunt is at JE*Republic. Like the Rotten Defiance hunt, you are looking for 10 items, this time they are gift boxes, but the prizes are for the girls only. The items are a mix of skin (4 to be found), hair (one fat pack) and clothes (2 tops and 2 complete dresses), plus one I could not find (gift no. 6).


Cropped Top (Rosewater (black)), Shrug (Poison (grass)) – JE*Republic

Jeans (black) – WhoNose

Clothes – Candy Dress (dark brown) & Shrug – JE*Repulic

Clothes – Barbie Doll dress (light green) – JE*Republic

Location – Astoria (look in the Destination Guide/Showcase under Nature)

Poses – Striking Poses


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