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Zombies & The Alternative Fair

Well… it has been a few days since my last posting, but I was waiting for the Alternative Fair to start, as I want to mix things up a little.

The Zombie Popcorn Hunt (ZPH) is still on but you have little more than a week to do it. It is not as long as some hunts (such as Just for the Guys/Girls, Make Him Over, etc) but it isn’t a short one either… as it has 88 stores participating, with goodies all based on the  classic horror movie favourite, the zombie. You are looking for little boxes of popcorn.

I only have the one picture featuring the ZPH goodies I got… I’ll admit that I didn’t do the whole hunt, but I did get some good stuff from the stores I knew and even from one I had heard of but not been to.

As well as the ZPH offering zombieness, Ivey Deschanel (owner and creative genius behind Sn@tch) has organised the first Alternative Fair, featuring over 50 designers in punk, rock, gothic, grunge, lolli, visual kei, cyberwear and many other styles of alternative clothing, skins, hair and accessories (click here and here for more info).

When I was planning my holiday to Mexico in 2008, I found that the south of the country (which borders Guatamala, Belize & Hondorus) was a known area of malaria. I went prepared with anti-malaria tablets, insecticide repellants, and other things… However, most of the people of Africa cannot afford a simple thing like a mosquito net, let alone expensive anti-malaria medications. So if you have 10-15 mins to go to the Alternative Fair, please go even if you don’t buy anything. Around the fair there are donation boxes as well as the charity vendors, so you can always drop a few L$ into a donation box.

While I nosed around the Alternative Fair, I picked up some freebies and one dollarbie.


Picture 1 – Zombie Popcorn Hunt

Skin – Dael ‘He loves me’ – Exodi

Hair – Melinda (coal black) – Amacci     (ZPH)

Clothes – DeeTaleZ   (ZPH)

Boots – Smug – Ducknipple  (ZPH)

Bangles – Fantastic Four (noir) – [chuculet]

Poses – Model 09 + 12 – Maitreya

Pictures 2 – 4  – Alternative Fair

Extras – Neko Ears & Tail – Sassy Kitty Designs    (150L$ each, from charity vendors @ AF)

Poses – O&E Whatcha Want & WG The Dahlia, The Ryker & The Shir – LAP

Picture 2

Skin – Tease (illusion tone) – Heartsick  0L$  (AF)

Hair – Isson – Curious Kitties 0L$  (AF)

Top – Halter (white) – A-BOMB  0L$  (AF)

Pants – Cubix (black) – U-Neek  0L$  (AF)

Picture 3

Skin – Sepia – Mango Mango  1L$  (AF)

Hair – Isson – Curious Kitties 0L$  (AF)

Top – [The Hunger] I wish I could stop – Sn@tch   0L$  (AF)

Pants – Satin Latex (purple) – Sn@tch   0L$   (AF)

Picture 4

Skin – Tease (illusion tone) – Heartsick  0L$  (AF)

Hair – Isson – Curious Kitties 0L$  (AF)

Top – Maxi shirt (lavender) – Wretched Dollies  0L$  (AF)

Pants – Blue Green Fractal Jeans (shorts) – U-Neek   0L$  (AF)

Picture 5

Skin – Tease (illusion tone) – Heartsick  0L$  (AF)

Hair – Isson – Curious Kitties 0L$  (AF)

Clothes – Bee shirt, Nemily skirt + grey striped socks – Arsenic Lace  0L$  (AF)


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