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Hi, finally we have some sunshine here in the UK 🙂 And in celebration, I have decided to show some new things I have either found recently or been sent by one of the groups I belong too.

Whilst following the FabFree group chat, someone posted a Slurl to the R.icielli store saying there was a free dress. In fact there was a free skirt for everyone and a group gift in the notices (the group was free to join).

As it is usual for a Double Dose to be posted on a Sunday, I have given the new freebies from R.icielli the honour of being featured, lol.

The skirt is the ANITA High Waist and comes in this lovely yellow colour. I decided to pair it up with a black tanktop that I got from Elate and the stockings from Runo Runo.

As Emmi is on a budget and the Ving boots from Shiny Things are 500L$, I felt that would too much for Emmi to spend. So I tp’d over to Duh! as I had seen on a previous visit a set of boots similar to the Shiny Things ones for a fraction of the price, but of high quality 🙂 Since buying the Leather Work Boots, Emmi hasn’t taken them off, lol. They are just what a Neko Emmi needs *giggles*

The second freeie from R.icielli is the Brenda dress (in black only). This would make a nice alternative cocktail dress, with the large fan-like collar and off-at-an-angle bow at the waist. The skirt is not sculpted as it is on the system skirt layer.

The other new thing is the skin. It is the new Elle skin just released by Belleza. Tricky Boucher has released 2 new skin tones, a lighter tone called Fair and a darker tone called Mocha. A group gift of an exclusive makeup in all 7 tones was sent out last night SLT.


Skin – Elle Fair/Cleavage – Belleza

Hair – Billie II (Blonde black-tipped) – Philotic Energy

Tank top – Elate

Skirt – ANITA High Waist/paparazzi – R.icielli

Dress – Brenda – R.icielli

Stockings – Runo Runo

Boots – Leather Work Boots – Duh!

Bangles – Night (pewter) – Baubles

Poses – Vicarious


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