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I know that the new Belleza group gift has been or will be blogged about alot, but I will blog them anyways.

I am pleased to see that Tricky Boucher has made a new pale tone, called Fair, which is paler than the existing Pale tone. He has also made a darker tone, Mocha, which I think would be ideal for those ethnic avatars in SL.

The gift set includes all tones, with eyebrow, cleavage and hairbase options, which in my opinion is a big plus and why I joined the Belleza group in the first place. However it costs 250L$ to join, but that is a bargain when a skin in the store can cost 1800L$.

Fair, Pale and Medium tones.

SunKissed and Tan tones.

Dark Tan and Mocha tones.


Hair – Billie II (Blonde black-tipped) – Philotic Energy

Dress – Old Jeans – Poison

Boots – Leather Work Boots (black) – Duh!

Bangles – Night (pewter) – Baubles


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