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50L$ Fridays

All of us like a good bargain… free or cheap. In SL there are many ways that designers offer their wares at a bargain price… Humpday Happiness (on Wednesdays @ 69L$), 35L$ Thursdays, 50L$ Fridays, 60L$ Sundays (& Saturdays) and Bargain Hunters Paradise (BHP).

Some of the items offered are either an exclusive one-time only or something already available in an exclusive colour. Since I first heard of 50L$ Fridays (FLF), I have sim-hopped for an hour looking at the offered items. The designers involved with FLF include some of my favourite, such as So Many Styles and This is a Fawn, and also include some I hadn’t been to, like Whippet & Buck and Kookie.

I have 2 outfits to show featuring a couple of this week’s FLF. The first is the prairie blouse from So Many Styles, which is a great casual blouse that you dress down or up. I have chosen to pair it with a pair of jeans from Relzpsa Loc, creating a casual look.

The second outfit features a tank top from Whippet & Buck, which I paired with a pair of Chinese-influenced trousers/pants from Lika Ruby which a unexpected bargain. I found the Lika Ruby store on the Magi Take Shop island whilst exploring the sim and found some nice Chinese-influenced clothes, such as dresses, tops and pants.

One last point — I have downloaded the new SL viewer 2.0 and am slowly getting used to the new user interface. But one great feature that I really like is the Current Outfit folder in my inventory which shows everything I am wearing. I had a problem with taking pictures until looking at the in-world help and it twigged that I should be selecting the Current Window option, and I have found that the resolution is just as good as in the old viewer when I took high res pictures.


Skin – Joy (Light – Smoke) – Vive9     (closing sale freebie – no longer available)

Hair – Kate (Flax) – Audacity      (Naturals Pack 300L$  – 7 colours)

Prairie Blouse (Grey) – So Many Styles    (FLF item)

Tank (Dawn Pink) – Whippet & Buck  (FLF item)

Jeans – Rock n Roll – Relzpsa Loc

Pants – Line (Brown) – Lika Ruby     (25L$)

Shoes – Pumps (Brown) – Baby Monkey (free fat pack)

Sneaker Boots (Bleeding Red) – Duh!    (lucky chair)

Poses – Model 01 & 05 – Maitreya


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