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This will be a quick post, lol.

I have known Freya Olivieri, owner and designer of Trashy Girls in Style as an acquitance for sometime. However, it has been months since I visited her store. The last time was after she had moved to her current location in New Life sim.

Freya started out aking clothes that were never more than 69L$, so that people like Emmi could afford them. How time has flown!!! Now she is making clothes that are in the 100-200L$ and of good quality. So I have a selection to show, some are freebies and 2 are cheapies:

The sundress on the left was a dollarbie gift and the Mirror Bandeau dress was a freebie gift. As the sundress did not come with pants, I added the Nishar leggings (in white) from {Zaara}.

The dress below is a freebie and includes the oversized floral corsage and bracelet. This is a great party dress for that 80’s themed party, lol.

As well as the freebies, I purchased a green corset for 65L$. It comes in 2 versions — v1 includes a prim chest piece and prim back tie to add realistic elements and v2 is an old fashioned texture only corset with NO prim parts. The prim chest piece is fairly to resize to fit your shape. I paired the corset up with a pair of denim leggings in black from This Is A Fawn.


Shape – Lulu – [chuculet]

Skin – Joy (Light – Pure) – Vive9

Hair – Wren (honey) – Philotic Energy

Shoes – Leana Heels – [chuculet]


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