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Skin Revisited

Back in July 2009 I did a piece on the various skin available in SL, mainly on the brands I knew of. This time I will be concentrating over the next few weeks (approx 1 a week) on some of the skin/makeup that Viki & Emmi has stashed away in their inventories.

All of us have our favourites because of the makeup, cleavage/no cleaveage, freckles/no freckles, and tone options or any combination of these. Today, I will be focusing on Emmi’s makeup bag.

The first of the skins/makeups I want to show is Vive9’s Aoki in the Light tone. The emphasis of the makeup of this set is the eyeshadow.

The second is Vive9’s Belle in theLight tone which is similar in style to the Aoki set.

However, in both sets there were one or two which I really liked, as the balance of eyeshadow to lipstick was just right. In the Aoki set I chose the Mist makeup for a fantasy avatar that I created for Emmi (though I am not sure when this will be worn) because of the details of the eyeshadow (click here). But on the whole I tend to go for the natural or understated look with Emmi.

I have loads more from Vive9 which can be seen on my Flickr page, the link to which is on the right —>.


Shape – Lulu – [chuculet]

Hair – Kate (spice) – Audacity


2 thoughts on “Skin Revisited

    1. Me too. However, if you know the right places you can get a set at a resonable price. I have a set of 5 from Cybernetic Skins which ost me 1L$ each!!!!! More on that later.

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