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Spring Bazaar

Day 5 of FoaB and Spring has only just come to my little blog in the form of the Spring Bazaar. I was tipped off to the Bazaar by my friend Evie while I was partying at Cafe Andromeda the other night, while logged in as Emmi.

At the Bazaar, you will many stalls offerring a range of items for 50L$ or less. There is also an Easter Egg hunt, where each egg is either free or 1L$, which is a great opportunity to get a great bargain.

The first outfit is from Von Ducky, to be found in 2 eggs.

The red tanktop comes on all layers, so that you can wear with your favourite tattoo on the undershirt layer, with the underpants layer providing the extension to the shirt layer. The denim capris also come on both underpants and pants layers and with sculpted hems on the legs, which I could not show due to my favourite boots from Baby Monkey.

The skin is from Mango Mango!. It is the hunt egg on their stall and gives you a folder containing 2 skins. It complements this outfit really well with the blue eyeshadow and the bright red lipstick, and sunkissed tan skintone.

I have also added the Fantastic 4 bangles in Noire, from [chuculet] which were 1L$ for the set of 2. The shape my avi Emmi is wearing is also from [chuculet] and also cost 1L$; it can be found downstairs at the store, and there are other shapes upstairs for 350L$.

The second outfit is also an egg prize, this time from :WhoNose:. It is also a nice spring/summer outfit.

The sweater comes with sculpted sleeves, which made me look like an American footballer with the body protection, so I left them off. The shorts are sweet with the bows on the sculpted cuffs.

Another egg was from the Astraia stall and contained the pair of blue flats that match this outfit really well.

I am wearing the second of the Mango Mango! skins that I got from the easter egg. The skin folder in Emmi’s inventory has a lot of pale skins in contrast to what my main account Viki has in her inventory.

The third outfit I want to show you is from Before Sleep, and is a nice summer PJ set. The folder that you get when you buy the hunt egg contains PJs in 5 colours, one of which is this lovely pale blue. It’s a supper cute set and perfect for those sleepover partys at your friends’ house.


All Pics

Shape – Lulu – [chuculet]      1L$

Hair – Anise (wheat) – Vixen      0L$ Lucky Chair

Accessories – Fantastic 4 bangles – [chuculet]    1L$

Pic 1

Skin – Barbara tan – Mango Mango!    1L$ easter egg

Outfit – Tank top & Capris – Von Ducky    2L$

Boots – Malia (black) – Baby Monkey

Pic 2

Skin – Mod Mod World pale – Mango Mango!     1L$

Outfit – Eeva (dust) – :WhoNose:    1L$  easter egg

Shoes – Peep Flats (blue) – Astraia    1L$  easter egg

Pic 3

Skin – see Pic 2

Outfit – PJ set – Before Sleep   1L$  easter egg


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