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FoaB 3

Almost half way through this current Fashion on a Budget. Today’s post has it’s birth with me reading one of the many blogs I keep track of and finding out that Vive9 was closing it’s doors with freebies being given away.

So here is my own homage to a big SL brand that I had heard whisperings of it’s name but never been to the store. So yesterday morning I tp’d to the sim where Vive9 has its store and the lag was horrendous, as there was 40 people at any one time on the sim. I had to disable my AO and use my cam to grab what freebie Vive9 gift bags.  As well as Vive9, I am also showing the designs of another SL designer that should have recognition for her outstandingly beautiful and unique designs.

My first outting on the FoaB catwalk is a summer dress from {Zaara}, called Mrinali. It showcases Zaara Kohime’s skills as a designer of ethnic clothing in SL. She creates fantastic clothes that are inspired by the rich history and heritage of her homeland, India, with the rich & often bright colours and patterns, such as the lehenga and sari outfits and fusion clothing which mixes the colours and textures of India with western styles. I have posted the link to her blog on my BlogRoll on the right —->.

Mrinali is a good example of Zaara’s fusion of Indian and western styles and textures. The Paisley pattern is a traditional Indian design, with the name derived from the Scottish town of Paisley where paisley patterned fabrics were made using the weaving method but later the design was printed on to fabric using block stamps or screens. The pattern is still popular today in India and South Asia. It also survives in the heartland of ancient Persia, modern Iran and Iraq.

Zaara also blends the traditional with the modern in the colours, such as the fresh pistachio green of the dress with the bright yellow and pink. The texturing is sublime that it feels like real silk or silk-cotton blend. A great summer addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe. With something like this dress, the right pair of shoes is needed.

It must have been serendipitous that Emmi had a pair of flats which she had won on the Baby Monkey lucky chair, in just the right shade of pale green. The flats have mirrored studs on the toe part of the upper sole. Again, the use of mirrored surfaces in textiles is an Indian tradition influencing western style and design, where little mirrors are sown onto clothes as part of elaborate embroidery patterns. Emmi got this dress on the ICON Lifestyle hunt on the 2 ICON sims. For more info on the hunt click here.

The next outfit is a mix of Vive9 and Zaara. In the Vive9 freebie bags, there is a mix of clothes, skin and eyes. Some of the freebies are ‘never released’ items so will not be available again.

One bag was stuffed with leotard-type bodysuits. I chose to show the black version and paired it with the black art print Nishar leggings from {Zaara}.

The leggings come on 3 underpants layers (3/4 length, full length with low waist and full length with high waist) and 4 socks (full foot, knee length with closed toe, knee length with open toe and thigh length), which means you can combine to your little pixelated heart’s content. Also in the folder, you get a box with extra layers, which Emmi needed with this look, requiring the pants layer with low waist (please note that are NO extra socks in the box).

The final outfit for today is all Vive9 freebies, accompanied by a freebie from Baubles which Emmi got at the Accessories Fair.

Whereas Emmi was all gothic neko in the last outfit, she chose to be more relaxed and chose a tank top and pants. She had got the bangles about 2 weeks ago and hadn’t found the perfect outfit to wear them. The Accessories Fair is now over as it ended yesterday so you might want to check out the Baubles store.

A parting note, the skins Emmi is wearing in the pictures are freebies from Vive9, and has inspired a plan to revisit one of my earlier posts which I did on the varying skins available in SL. This time I will be showing what Viki and Emmi have in their make-up bags and their personal favourites.


Outfit 1

Skin – Summer (Cream – Turkish) – Vive9    0L$

Hair – Chai Anxiety (blonde honey) – Raspberry Aristocrat   0L$

Dress – Mrinali (pistachio) – {Zaara}    0L$  ICON Lifestyle hunt

Shoes – Studded Flats (pale green) – Baby Monkey   0L$ Lucky Chair

Outfit 2

Skin – Summer (Glow – Night) – Vive9    0L$

Hair – Asuka (black beauty) – Raspberry Aristocrat  200L$ for 5 colour pack (Faves Pack)

Clothes – Body Suit (abyss) – Vive9   0L$    &    Nishar leggings (black art print) – {Zaara}   190L$

Boots – Malia (black) – Baby Monkey

Accessories – Padlocked Collar – Sn@tch   &   Night Bangles (Pewter) – Baubles

Outfit 3

Skin, Hair, Boots & Accessories see Outfit 2

Clothes – Tank (bronze) & Legal Attention Pants (abyss) – Vive9    0L$


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