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FoaB 2

It is not only the second FoaB but also a Double Dose….. nope, it is a triple dose lol… Emmi is hogging the limelight again 😛 but this time for a purpose \o/.

Emmi has 3 outfits to show today from ~nanashi~ and all were 0L$ for various reasons. OOOPS… sorry for the spelling mistake of the store’s name on the piccies… I was doing the processing late last night and was very tired, no excuse I know but all the same I am sorry for it.

First up is a tank and shorts combo with bangles included, called Bueno (Spanish for good, fine, ok).

The set includes 1 pair of demin shorts, 2 tanks and 2 co-ordinating bangles. The first version of the set is the Letters tank, which reminds me of the plastic magnetic letters people have on the fridge for the kiddies to play with and learn their ABC.

With this Emmi chose to wear a new hair she got from Raspberry Aristocrat, Asuka. She got the faves pack of 5 colours (black, blonde, brown, red & white). It was not cheap @ 200L$ for the pack but it does mean that eash hair was 40L$ so in a way it was a bargain.

This is the second version with the Garden Batik tank. The subdued shades of brown and green are what Emmi likes most of all. The bright colours of the Letters tank are good, but the Garden tank is what her style is all about.

The boots are by Waldorf Bing. They were not cheap when Viki brought them originanlly and gifted them to Emmi as they were transferrable (and non-copy).

The second outfit is Kasuto. This is the current group giveaway gift — this is a variant on the Midnight Mania, in which group members click the board and get the gift straightaway.

Emmi chose to get this because the textures are fabulous. The printed checks on the top and pants are not perfect as they look like the printing machine is beginning to run out of ink. The pants also feel like real leather.

The off-the-shoulder top is just what Emmi likes. With a low neckline, but not too low :), and figure-hugging. Emmi loved the sleeves on this top alot… too long in the arm so they are wrinkled on the wrist. In real life I have the habit of pulling my sleeves over my hands and I end up having to pull them up and they end up wrinkled like this, LOL.

The boots are from Duh! which is her faourite shoe shop, due to her budget restraints. Duh! sells shoes from 10L$ to 100L$, and often has freebies and dollarbies available in the store, often exclusive colours.

The last of today’s outfits is a cute little beach nuber called Mandi. Gin Nagy, owner and designer of ~nanashi~ has set this out in the store for 0L$ for the weekend only. So if you like the look of it, you need to get over to the store NOW.

The outfit includes a wrapped bikini top, bikini bottoms, pants and bangle. Emmi got this as it is a multi-optional set… can wear it as a bikini on a trip to the beach or as seen in the picture.

The contrast in the colouring of the top and the pants are what drew Emmi to this outfit. Also the fact that the top hides but also reveals without being too scandelous.


All pics

Skin – Miso Lune ST v2 – Leafy     50L$

Hair – Asuka (Red Passion) – Raspberry Aristocrat    200l$ for 5 colour pack

Pic 1 & 2

Outfit – Bueno – ~nanashi~   oL$   group giveaway gift

Boots – Black Velvet – Waldorf Bing     gifted by Viki

Pic 3

Outfit – Kasuto – ~nanashi~    0L$ group giveaway

Boots – Suede ankle (ink) – Duh!  25L$

Pic 4

Outfit – Mandi – ~nanashi~      0L$ limited time

Boots – Suede ankle (ink) – Duh!  25L$


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