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Double Dose

Hey!! Hope you had a great weekend.

I know it has been some time since I did a Double Dose post and while I had some piccies of Emmi hanging around on my hard drive, I decided that she, or more precisely her clothes, would be the focus of this particular post.

Emmi has 2 different outfits to show us today; both are examples of her individual sense of style. The first is a freebie that she got from Fabulously Free in SL’s HQ, provided by Out.Rage.

I don’t always go for checked patterns but the texture of the top was superb, with the realistic wrinkles on the midrif area. The skirt was included in the box and the juxtaposition of plaid and checks is a fun one, which appealed to Emmi alot.

The other outfit Emmi chose is also another freebie, this time from :WhoNose:.

This was a Midnight Mania prize and the outfit comes with a prim-part jacket to match the jeans. Emmi loved this ensamble piece because of the sparkly edging on the jeans, after which the outfit has been named.

I thought I would try to make a custom shape for Emmi, after something was said in the FabFree group chat following another member asking where they could get decent shapes. As most of us know that shapes are expensive, starting at about 500L$, making your own can be fun and also a case of trial & error, as we keep tweeking bits here and there. Some of us would perfer to get a modifiable shape at a reasonable price (and Emmi has found some for free or 1L4!!!) and modify the shape to suit us. So in the second piccy Emmi has her new shape, which she loves :D.


Neko accessories – Paw2Paw Candy set in black

Picture 1

Skin – Serenity (Bliss – Pure Morning) – Heartsick

Hair – Chai Anxiety (berry smooth) – Raspberry Aristocrat

Lennox tank (red) & Princeton Plaid skirt (black) – Out.Rage

Fishnet gloves (Sniz outfit) – Ducknipple

Stockings – Runoruno

Boots – Tweed Boots – Sassy Kitty Designs

Picture 2

Skin – Serenity (Reverie – Dark Shines) – Heartsick

Hair – Quiet Seduction (wheat) – Sky Everett Designs

Outfit – Sparkle (teal) – WhoNose

Biker Gloves – Cybernetic

Boots – Suede Boots (ink) – Duh!


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