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Something Different

It has been some time since my last post 😦 …. I can blame it on my RL job and that I have not been well lately.

I thought I do something different for this post. I had looked at my inventory and found some lingerie that I had picked up for nothing.

First up on the catwalk is a lingerie set that Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch sent out to the members of the DT sub-o group at the beginning of March.

This is a casual set with tanktop, hipster panties and stockings. The set also came with a garter belt and garter stockings. I really like the clothing from Dutch Touch alot, because of the colours and textures that Iki uses, such as the pale lilac and purple of this set.

Next we have some goodies from BlackLace.

I first came across BlackLace when my SO sent me a gift from there. BlackLace is expensive, but worth the L$ as the textures and the sets are exquisite. The quality is superb and flawless, hence the high price tags.

I was tipped off by other members of the FabFree group that BlackLace had some freebies in the stores, and the Vernice set was one of the freebies. The underbra and pasties come on all layers, so you can wear your faourite sheer/transparent top without problems.

As well as the bra/panties sets like Vernice and the above blue satin & lace set, BlackLace also do corset sets such as the white one above.

I would advise that you go to BlackLace to see their wares for yourselves, and perhaps fall in love with the fantastic lingerie sets available. If you are looking for something different, why not try BlackLace.


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