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Magic & Romance Hunt

Hey there!!!

As promised is the post about the Magic & Romance Hunt (MRH) that is still on till 7th March (which is tomorrow, so haven’t got long to catch some lovely & gorgeous goodies). The MRH started 1st Feb and consists of 28 vendors, making it a short hunt, which I love.

Out of the 28 vendors, I have chosen to show my personal favourites.

The skin I wear in all pictures is the Serenity Pure Morning (Rapture) by Heartsick and the poses are the Vicarous pose set from Juxtapose.

First on the catwalk is Christina in Midnight Snow by *MEC*. A lovely minidress in black with silver embroidery….so very gothic (and one I have kept!!!). Stockings by RunoRuno and Lomardi Booties by Indi Designs complete the outfit. The hair is Maxine (cinnamon burnt) from ETD Discount.

Next we have Glimmer from [K~*~S]. This is the minidress version and the prize comes with an empire skirt option, so you gave 2 dresses in one. This reminds me of the evening dresses worn by ladies to the fashionable balls of the 1920’s, with the contrasting coloured sash underneath the bust.  (See aboe for hair, boots & stockings).

Up next we have the lovely ballgown from LVs & Co. This is a dress to be seen in at any fashionable society ball. Any man would be proud to be acompanying this Belle to the ball. My hair for this outfit is Faith (black pearl) from Sirena.

Our next dress is the Sweet Romance from GutterPup. This is a ballgown with a country feel to it, being made from pink gingham cotton with a plain white bustier with applique and pink gingham trimming. With this dress I am wearing the Swirling Heart jewellery set from Ms.O.Lei.ny (another MRH prize). My hair is Seduction (jet) from Sirena and the sandals are from Lathilla Heels (Tam2).

From society balls and the gothic, we go back to the 18th century with our next outfit. This is the Tavern Wench from Suki’s Silks. I decided to keep the look simple and chose the NW in brick hair from ::69::.

And our last offering on the catwalk is Samantha in purple from Mystic Sky. This is another good costume piece. One of my favourite historical periods is the English Middle Ages, which spanned the period from 1066 (Edward the Confessor, Harold and William the Conqueror) to 1481 (Richard III, Battle of Bosworth & Henry Tudor (Henry VII)). Throughout history, purple cloth was expensive and was reserved for the very wealthy & royalty.  It is said that the shells of 12000 marine snails were needed to make 1 gram of purple dye!!!! (For more info on purple dye click here.) The first commercial purple dye was not made until the Victorian industrial revolution in the mid-19th century (click here for history of dye and dying).

Hope you enjoyed my selection of the goodies from the Magic & Romance Hurt.


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