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Red Packet Hunt #3


Sorry that this last of the RPH posts is late… I have been busy getting Emmi some great stuff from around the grid on the cheap, as Viki keeps Emmi on a very short leash when it come to the L$, lol.

There were 41 stores in the Red Packet Hunt, and I have shown some of the items from stores #1 – #30. So that leaves us with stores #31 (++AY.Line++) – #41 (Modd.G, Miseria & Slash Me Poses), lol.

1) Roja 01 skin from Mothergoose’s, polo shirt and shorts from Pig (0n the left); striped leggings from Allepjeans and Asian shirt from Arai (on the right).

2) Roja 05 skin from Mothergoose’s, shorts from Pig, Koi Koi (red/gold) from Miseria (2 of 3) on left, and on the right, Tiger Print Top from Modd.G (1 of 3).

Thus concludes the RPH review. I have another Hunt review in the works, on the wonderful goodies from the Magic & Romance Hunt, which ends on 7 March…. so you better get your skates on (click here for info). Again this was another short hunt, with 28 stores involved.


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