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New Face on the Grid

Hey there!!!!

I would like to introduce you all to a new face on the Grid…. She is VikiRose’s baby sister and she is no pampered glamour puss 😀

Her name???? Oppps!!!! I didn’t tellyou??  Ok, her name is EmmiRose Daffyd…. Oh yeah, our mum is a big fan of roses, lol.

Emmi is everything that Viki isn’t….. the most obvious is that she is a neko, and a very outgoing kind of person.

If you see her around the grid, please say Hi. She will be helping her big sis with the hunts, now that the more popular and larger hunts are gearing up to start.

Clothing Credits

Skin – Celebrity (honey – bare/freckles) – Cupcakes for Body Doubles

Hair – Effie (black tiger) – Deviant Kitties

Eyes – Felid (carnival) – House of Ruin

Bra & jeans – Kenzie & Co freebies

Tank top – Kenzie & Co RPH

Boots – Suede ankle boots (ink) – Duh!


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