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Red Packet Hunt #1

On Saturday 14th February 2010, Chinese people all around the world celebrated the Chinese New Year, and a group of designers in SL decided to join in the celebrations by organising a Chinese New Year hunt.

The Hunt item is the famous little red packets or envelopes (Hong Bao in Mandarin or Lai See in Cantonese) that the Chinese often give out during holidays or special occasions. The red envelopes in real life contain a monetary gift, but in SL they hold various gifts from hair or skin to clothes and shoes, all on a Chinese theme.

I have decided to take a break from blogging my sense of eclectic fashion to bring you a belated Chinese New Year post or 2. The Red Packet Hunt has 41 stores participating, so it is one of the smaller grid-wide hunts. This shouldn’t put the experienced hunter off, imho.

The pictures show some of the gifts from stores #1 (!Ohmai) to #20 (Leafy), but not all are shown as my personal taste is obviously different to yours, lol…. But even so, I hope they show the variety of gifts available.

1) Dress and leggings are from !Ohmai, Stevie skin from Mah Poor Quality, supermarket shoes from Duboo* and pink flower hair decoration from Atelier AM.  Atelier has 3 red envelopes hidden in the store, each containing floral headpieces, and the Duboo* packet had 3 pairs of shoes & 2 winter hats. (Hair is Biji (red E) from Magika.)

2) Slip dress from Aurura, hair from Couverture, passion earrings from [glow] Studio and Neomi skin from Mah Poor Quality. The Couverture hair comes in 2 styles, 3 colours of which this Chinese New Year Red is one.

3) Red leggings from Tee*fy with white top from !Ohmai dress.

4) Playsuit from Whippet & Buck with Chinese Luck necklace & bracelet from >alaMood<.

The next Red Packet Hunt post will have some of the gifts from stores #21 – #41.


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