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Blue, Green or in Between??

Hi….. Question for you today.

How would do describe the following colours….turquoise and teal? Blue, Green or in between???

I like to mix and match when I can. So when my friend Cali created a new SL group for her friends who liked freebies, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation to join. One of the freebies she informed the group of was a set of arm warmers from Acid & Mala, in teal for 10 L$ for group members only.

I hopped along to A & M, and joined the group, then promptly brought the warmers. I asked the above question, because it would seem that what one designer calls teal is not necessarily what you or other designers would call the colour…

I will leave the picture to show why I asked the question in the first instance.


Skin – Uma Dog Days of Summer Hunt Gift (tan) – RockBerry @ DollyRock    free because of theft

Hair – Lealie (teal tint) – Chichickie

Tank (teal) –

Hot pants (black) – Dutch Touch

Arm warmers (teal striped) – Acid & Mala

Shoes – Leather chucks – Maschienenwerk


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