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I know that it has been only 2 days since my lost post, but I had some great goodies for you. And, no, it’s not FoaB, but that shouldn’t stop me from showing some fabulous cheapies, lol.

I have 2 completely different looks for you. One is made from some Lace & Steel and Fishy Strawberry, and the other is from Cynful.

The top is one of a pair from Lace & Steel, who are participating in the Magic And Romance Hunt. I paired it with a pair of Fishy Strawberry’s Equinox jeans, in a shade of almost metallic brown.  The brown jeans compliment and heightens the brown tint of the top.

The boots are from Heart & Sole, who are also in the M & R Hunt.

I usually go out and about in SL looking for locations for my pictures, but sometimes SL can be a little mardy in regards to teleporting. So, I have built myself a photostudio backdrop with scripted texture changes and uploaded some landscape textures I had acquired. But I will still take pictures out and about SL when I come across a location I want to show to you.

The 2nd outfit is from Cynful. It is the new dollarbie in the store. It comes with 2 tops and 2 bottoms (one of which is super low-rise).

It must of been coincidence that yesterday I discovered Duh! for myself, and the prize of one lucky chair was the pair of velvet flats in this purple colour called Berries. Then soon after Cynful releases the new dollarbie in a purple colour. I will admit I don’t wear tracksuits in RL or in SL, but this is an exception. An exception because of the quality of the texturing and colouring…. I can ‘feel’ the smoothness and softness of the velvet-like fabric.

Keeping to the theme of Casual, I chose the Maitreya hair called Sasha. Maitreya released 2 colours (Ashe & Bistre) of the Sasha hair for 50L$ to help raise money for the American Red Cross to help Haiti in the wake of the large earthquake. The beanie-type cap is part of the hair and is texture change.  Please note the hair is now available in store at full price.


Skin – California (Sunkissed – Nude) – Papillion      0L$     (search for Curvature)


Zita (Red E) – Magika      0L$

Sasha (Bistre) – Maitreya       50L$ pre-release Haiti fundraiser item

Outfit 1

Equinox jeans (sienna) – Fishy Strawberry

Plain creamy peasant blouse – Lace & Steel          M & R Hunt

Outfit 2 – February Special – Cynful      1L$


Devoted (rust) – Heart & Sole        M & R Hunt

Velvet flats (berries) – DUH!       Lucky chair prize


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