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Fashion on a Budget

Hey my friends 🙂

This is the last in the FoaB series until next month….but no need to despair, as I have a Hunt Special in the works ;).

I have heard some of you asking about my shape… Well, I got it from Body Doubles. Ok, I admit that it’s a film celeb’s body shape that I have tweeked a bit. Body Doubles’ shapes are expensive but you get a non-modifiable shape, a modifiable shape and styling card with biography of the celeb in the package. I won’t name the celeb, but she’s a certain leading actor’s 2nd wife.

OK…. back to the fashion. I have some nice goodies for your visual feast today, and it’s all Mix & Match :).

First up on the catwalk is Got Caroll? by Cilian’gel. This particulary version has the top in black burberry with black jeans shorts. I mixed this with the knitted stockings from RunoRuno, which come in a set of three colours (black, brown & grey).

Dutch Touch has a few new skins released, one of which is ::JoLie::. I had gone to see if my original Dutch Touch skin (::FoRest::) was available, but alas! it was gone from the store :(. Iki Ikarus has made some really nice skins, and I have to say that ::JoLie:: is no exception. As I am a bit of a goth in SL, I go for the darker make-ups, hehehe.

New eyes? I hear you ask. Yes, they are new. They are from House of Ruin, and are the freebie Tropicana set of the Spectrum series. I got a notecard through from HoR about a sale on their Spectrum and Shadow series of eyes — not sure when the sale ends

but when it does the Spectrum and Shadow eyes will be gone for good, as HoR have some new stuff coming out soon.

Next on the FoaB catwalk is a retroesque dress from Aqua matched with a pair of jeans from Ducknipple. I had heard that Truth had a freebie hair…. my poor inventory is groaning at the words ‘more hair’…. I am a self-confessed addict regarding skins and hair. So I went checked this bit of news….sure enough it was there in the store, a freebie hair called Jess. As it was free, I got the fatpack.

I wear glasses in RL and thought I would introduce them into my avi’s SL life. I found for a pair similar to my RL life ones for 50L$, with menu-driven colour-changing frame/lens.

I also got some more jewellry for less than 200L$ from a lovely little shop called Primalot. I perfer silver to gold, as it is understated and is not as blingy as gold.

And the final outfit is a mix of Dutch Touch, Fishy Strawberry and Schadenfreude. The skirt and vest were available as part of Fifty Linden Fridays (FLF), although the skirt is available from Fishy Strawberry in other colours at full price.

My favourite punk/rock hair store —Deviant Kitties — is currently having a sale on a select number of hair styles. One of these was Valium.

I hope you enjoyed my little shopping spree this week, brief though it was. Maybe this has inspired you to look at cheapies and freebies in a new way, well I certainly have.




Jess (Jupiter & Night) – Truth     0L$

Valium (coal) – Deviant Kitties       Sale wall    20l$  per colour pack & 200L$ per fatpack

Eyes – Tropicana (dark – Spectrum series) – House of Ruin     0L$

Outfit 1

Got Caroll? (black burberry) – Cilian’gel     2L$  in-store hunt

Knitted stockings (black) –  ~*Runo Runo*~     3 colour set 50L$

Outfit 2

Summer of Love #4 – Aqua    limited time dollarbie/freebie now back on sale @ full price

Outfit 3

Dirty Sidewalk miniskirt (grey) – *Fishy Strawberry*      FLF item 50L$

Deep V-neck Vest (pewter) – Schadenfreude     FLF item    50L$


Celestial Connection (necklace & earrings) – Primalot    99L$

Retangle Framed Glasses – House of Curios    50L$

*Not Free/Cheap*

Skin – ::JoLie:: (Cream – Cats Eyes Extreme) – Dutch Touch

Jeans – Zwelgje (black) – Ducknipple

Shoes – Lombardi Booties (black) – Indi Designs

Tank Top (taupe – browns pack) – Dutch Touch


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