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Fashion on a Budget

Hey there, my friends 🙂

I have some more goodies for you today. Some are cheapies I have obtained from around on the grid and freebies.

The other day I read on another blog that I follow that Spork is closing down and that the most of the stock discounted to 50L$. The sale will end 15 February when the store is closed for good. Given the serepidity of this opportunity, I hotfooted it to Spork and got some goodies

Also, I have an outfit from Aqua which was a limited time cheapie. To be kept informed of such offers at Aqua, you will need to be a member of the subscribomatic group. Along with these items I have some hunt gifts and stuff from my wardrobe which I always turn to if I need a perticular top or skirt.

My first outfit is from Aqua. It is one of 4 in a set called Metro Sensual. Finding shoes to go with this dress was not hard as I had already got a pair of Francoise Flats in kiwi from Shuiny Things, which matched the light green of the dress. What rew me to this dress was the colour contrast between the bustier-type top and the greens of the skirt. The flexi skirt had be modified a bit so that it fit properly.

My second outfit is a mish mash of Spork and Ducknipple. I love the clothing at Ducknipple as the textures are beautifully down and most items are separates 😀 is very good for mix-&-match.

The Ducknipple textures vary — there are tweeds, wool, and other natural fibres — and come in many colours, usually subdued/dark shades. Although it is not easy to see in this picture, the skirt is in a tweedy fabric in a dark red colour. The Olyvia top from Spork has a pink swirling printed pattern, which is complimented by the Lilium shoes from Ingenue.

My last outfit is made with items from Spork only. I brought the Victoria top in grren/gold and red/gold as the detailed patterning of the texture caught my eye. This is more of a evening top, which I paired up with the Ellissa dress pants, and be dressed up or down & still look good.

The Spork closing down sale ends 15 February so I would advise to head on over now before its too late.


Skin – Daydream ( Copper – Freckles) – Cupcakes         sim grand opening hunt 0L$
Hair – Raquel (cherry & wine) – Vignette            0L$
Shoes – Lilium (crimson & blush) – Ingenue     Shoes And Accessories Hunt prize   0L$
Risky Glasses – [h]  Hoorenbeck   Shoes And Accressories Hunt prize  0L$
Love Potion Bottle necklace – DT    Magic And Romance Hunt prize  0L$
Outfit 1
Metro Sensual (greenlight) – Aqua      limited time only 10L$
Outfit 2
Skirt – Viking (red) – Ducknipple                         Death Becomes Her Hunt prize  0L$
Top – Olyvia (sleeveless – red) – Spork               closing down sale  50L$
Outfit 3
Top – Victoria (green-gold) – Spork                 closing down sale   25L$
Pants – Ellissa dress pants (black) – Spork     closing down sale   50L$

*Not Free/Cheap*
Seduction (copper – Kona) – Cupcakes
Forest (blossom – spicy) – Dutch Touch
Shoes – Francoise Flats (kiwi) – Shiny Things

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