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Fashion on a Budget

Hi there ūüôā

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for the last couple of days, can blame on it my RL job lol.

I have some awesome goodies from 2 of my favourite SL designers and 1 from a favourite freebie place. As always with FoaB, I will list the freebies/cheapies at the end, along with the not so free/cheap things.

The first outfit I want to show is the recent puzzle outfit from Indi Designs, called Dolly. The puzzle works like this…. each piece of the outfit (there is 1 for the girls and 1 for the boys !!!) is released each week on Saturday for 1L$ and at the end, if you have missed any pieces they are available for 5L$. After the whole outfit is released it is put on general sale for 100L$.

The outfit includes 2 pairs of trousers in black & silver, 2 cropped tops in gold & pink on the shirt layer and 2 long tops in gold & pink on the jacket layer . Here I went for the long pink sequin top and the silver trousers. The texture of the sequined top is so good that it creates a metallic feel to the fabric.

My favourite freebie of the moment is Peppermint Blue. Here, you will find complete avatars sets for the price conscious or newbies (both girls & boys catered for, thought the range of boy stuff is small).

This particular outfit is the Hydrangea (blue) from the newbie assistance pack 090626. The pack include 2 further baby dolls in pink and purple, the demin shorts, sandals, as well as several freebie skins. This is a great summer outfit perfect for those day trips to the beach, and can be worn without the baby doll skirt.

And finally, I have a New Years Resolution Hunt item from Ducknipple. Please note the NYR hunt is on until 31st Jan. After that, you will need to purchase the items separately :(.

When I picked up this up, I found that I had got a duplicate of the Barks trousers in this lovely pinky grey tweed called Blokker. So,  although I will be getting rid of the trousers (as they are duplicates), I will be keeping the top.

I paired the outfit up with a freebie pair of grey boots from Xstreet. Close up the texture is something like snakeskin.

A parting word of advice….. If you call yourself a Fashionista, please do not write off freebies or cheapies, as these can be just as stylish and high quality as the most expensive piece of jewellery or clothing. You would be a fool to miss a reat bargain.



Skin РChrissy 4 РAPoc      previous gem hunt item*

Hair РNoel (red) & Hello (cedar) РAnalog Dog  oL$

Dolly РIndi Designs  puzzle outfit   1L$ per week or 5L$ per missing piece

Hydrangea (blue) РPeppermint Blue    0L$

Barks (blokker) + Oprah top (pink, layered) РDucknipple    NYRH item

Grey high heel stiletto boots РAlba2 Rossini        Xstreet freebie

Everyday wood bangles (burl, ironwood) – Baubles 30L$ fatpack of 12

*Not Free/Cheap*

Skin – Sharon (10 – Blush) – *YS&YS*

Shoes – Bellucci (black) – Indi Designs

Accessories – Hypnose necklace – Uzuri

Tattoo – Reitou – Tiki Tattoo


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