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Double Dose

Hi there!

The last week has been a pain in the ass at work, and when I got back home, I was not in the mood to blog. But today I am back with the weekly Double Dose.

Usually I am dressed in my own take on the street/grunge style, but I also occasionally dress like a goth (and not necessarily in all black, lol). So I have decided to do a DD on both.

Also, this is the first of this month’s freebie/cheapie miniseries. I was given a notecard by Cali, a good friend of mine in SL who thrives on hunting down great freebies; her notecard listed some of the freebies she considered to be the best at the moment.

The first outfit is one I made from separates from PixelDolls. I found the corset whilst blog-surfing and figured that with a long, velvet skirt, it would make a great outfit. The corset comes with a white undershirt with prim puff-sleeves, which I foolishly chose not to wear. I like this corset ALOT. The silver on black is a classic combination, and the open lacing to the front is realistic and is a lovely touch.

I chose the vanilla hair decor from [glow], which I got for 50L when I visited the store to get the 50L item a few weeks ago.

The second outfit is again made of separates from different stores, Ibizarre and Sn@tch. I got the top from Ibizarre some time ago for about 100L$, as I liked the gold print design. I paired it with the black jean denim minskirt from Sn@tch (a recent new release).

The miniskirt fatpack is on sale for 250L$, and contains 6 colours (including black); I have calculated that you will be paying just over 41L$ for each skirt, and that is a bargain IMHO, and why I am classing it as a cheapie.

I am a fan of thigh high boots and have about 3/4 pairs in my wardrobe. Its a pity I can’t wear such boots in RL 😦 as I don’t have the right body shape for them. But in SL I can wear what I can’t in RL :D, including tattooes.  I chose my favourite pair of thigh high boots, from Crucial Creations, as the only prim parts are the soles as the uppers are on the shoe layer.

I have been to Analog Dog several times, but didn’t buy of the hair. So when Cali told me that AD had freebies, it was too good to miss. The turqouise freebie balls are to the left of the landing point. To keep with the punky/street theme, I chose the Gamma hair and modified it by unchecking the Full Bright option, which makes the colour look more realistic.


*Not Free/Cheap*

Skin – Sharon (02 Rose) – *YS & YS*

Hair – Still (dark auburn) – ::69::

Short Buckle Boots – Stigma Fashion (not shown :()

Frau Leder thigh high boots – Crucial Creations

Black Star Beads – Diapop

TAHAA – Tiki Tattoo


Eyes – Aurora – Poetic Colors      oL$

Hair – Gamma (sepia) – Analog Dog   0L$

Bella Corset (black) & Long Velvet Skirt (black) – PixelDolls  50L$ each

Jean Genie miniskirt (black)  – Sn@tch   250L$ fatpack of 6 / 41L$ per skirt

Vanilla Hair Decor – [glow] studio    50L$

Locations – The Far Away and Rouge Forest


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