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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year to all my readers!!!!

This is the first blog of 2010! Eeeekkkkk!!!!! where has 2009 gone? One minute I was doing my first blog in July and now it’s January 1st 2010.

But that is not going to stop me from blogging my New Year’s party dress. It was the Christmas gift from Malt but it is great for a party no matter when :).

As well as a new dress, I decided to get a new skin. So I went to check out *YS&YS* (Your Shape & Your Skin ) on the Feel Beautiful sim. There are free demo packs containing all the make-up options of each skin. I chose the Smoky make-up option of this particular skin (called Sharon) as it was appropriate.

The skin looks darker using the default environment settings, which I didn’t like as it was difficult to see the lovely blush and eyeshadow. I decided to use some settings that I had obtained with some hair I purchased some time ago, and the difference was remarkable as the make-up details could be seen.

Also, I decided to get a new hair that would go with the dress. Evie had given me a note card with details of some of her favourite shops, one of which was ::69::. There are demos available in 3 sizes, though the actual hair comes in the small size only and is modifiable.


Skin – Sharon 10-Smoky – *YS&YS*

Hair – Brit 02 (dark wine) – ::69::

Dress – Merry Xmas gift 09 – Malt

Shoes – Foxy Slingback (black) – Stiletto Moody

Earrings – Kiara’s Gems – Nymphetamine


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