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Whilst browsing the other SL-fashion blogs, I noticed that some of the pictures were taken on a sim that had a feel of an town of the American mid-west abandoned at the time of the Great Depression. I have always wondered where this sim was, and finally I have found it…. the Pixel Dreams sim.

I had been to Ibizarre the other day and picked up their free Christmas gifts in-store on the counter. There are four and one was this one, called Vicky Outfit. The fur trim is modifiable, and due to the shape I use and my AO, there was a small gap between the trim and the neckline of the top.

You may need to hurry to Ibizarre, as I am not sure how much longer the Christmas gifts will be left out.

With a more formal outfit like this one, I have chosen one of my favourite hairdo’s from Sirena, called Faith. It includes the comb, as it is a scripted hair; so that when the comb is removed from the hair, the hair falls down as it would do in RL.

The jewellery I added to the outfit is from Nymphetamine, which I had initially purchased to go with another outfit.


Skin – ::Forest:: Blossom *spicey* – Dutch Touch

Hair – Faith (auburn) – Sirena

Outfit – Vicky Outfit – Ibizarre

Shoes – Foxy Slingback (black) – Stiletto Moody

Jewellery – Kiara’s Gems – Nymphetamine


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