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End of Time, part 1

The castle stood in ruins; Mother Nature reclaiming the stones. Thorny vines twisted themselves over and around the stones, obscuring the ruins from sight.

A forboding sense of bleakness permeated the air. A most unbecoming end for a dynasty that had ruled an empire for nearly a millennium. Now there was nothing left… The empire had collapsed in to chaos with provinces fighting amongst themselves and the last of the ruling line missing, feared by many to be dead.

Out of the darkness comes Hope. Hope for a brighter future. Hope of Peace in the lands. The Elders stand and watch from their lofty towers, carved in wood and gilded with gold, lit by the sun by day and by the moon at night. An ethereal place for the last of the Elvan race, keepers of the old ways and guardians of Hope.

To the Elders, Hope was not a figment of their imagination. Hope was real and the last of the Royal Line and Empress of the Known Realms.

Hope stood on the grand staircase and looked back at the snow-covered path below, and off in to the distance. She looked at the distant mountains and watched while the sky became black with menacing clouds.

She had made it in time, just. Her mountain refuge was now gone, fallen to the forces of the Dark Lord. She turned and carried on up the stairs to the Hall of the Elders.

Hope paused on the threshold of the Hall. The Elders had gathered not to welcome her back into their midst, but to hold a council of war.

She sat on the bench next to the door, and quietly observed the meeting. Present were the Elders, Elves of the Woodland Realms, Dwarves and Men.



Skin – Jasmine 19 – APoC

Hair – Jessica (cinnamon) – ETD Discount

Outfit – Retro Tunika – Ibizarre

Shoes – Leather Chucks – Maschienenwerk

Accessories – Baggy Socks (ebony) – Mischief group gift

Locations – Crucible and Omega Point sims


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