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Double Dose / Fashion on a Budget 6

As promised, this week’s Double Dose is taking part in a mini-series about looking good on a budget.

It was during the planning for this particular post that I got the idea to do a feature on some of the freebies/cheapies available in SL, and from there it expanded to become a week-long mini-series. Whilst talking to a friend in SL, it came to me that instead of doing a one-off, I should do the minsi-series once a month.

OK, back to the post….. I challenged myself to see if I could find cheap or free outfits or fatpacks of separates, and had to be of a goth/grunge/alternative style. The answer was Sn@tch. I had been a member of the subscribe group for a few weeks, but never had a chance to have a look at the stuff on offer, so this was the perfect opportunity.

I was glad to see that Sn@tch has a freebie/cheapie section, unlike some stores in SL. It is obvious what a freebie is (anything that costs 0L$, lol); however what is more difficult to define is a cheapie. To me a cheapie is a complete outfit or a single item that costs less than 100L$; although some of you would be saying that it should be less than 50L$. Well, that’s your opinion and I respect that, but for this post, I will use my definition.

The budget I had set was 300L$. For less than 300L$ I got 5 outfits, 1 megapack and a freebie, and still had change left.

The first outfit is actually a mish-mash of  Sn@tch separates and other items in my SL wardrobe.  Fashion gone wrong??? It looks like it or I have joined the circus, lol. The tank top is from a megapack and comes shirt & jacket layers. The leggings are from another megapack (20 pairs!!!) and come on the underies layer only.

The next outfit is a complete sweater dress, although this is not the only colour available. On the notecard that comes with this outfit, Ivey states that her inspiration for this dress is a sweater that she owned in RL during the 80s.

In Sl, as in RL, I love sweaters. And when I saw this one, I had to have it and so too with the last of today’s gems from Sn@tch.

When I am looking for outfits, one thing I look for is versatility of the items (ie shirt, skirt etc) and if there multiple options included. This is true of this particular outfit, Hitchhiker, as it comes with 3 skirts (in Army, Dusk or Sunrise).

I would encourage you to pop over to Sn@tch and check out the stuff for yourself.


*Not free/cheap*

Skin – Daydream The Day (nutmeg tone) – Cupcakes

Hair – Heather (dark midnight) – Calico Ingmann

Jeans skirt – Dutch Touch separates collection

Autumn boots – Auma

Devine boots (black) – Virtual Impressions

Stigmas Short Buckle Boots – Stigma Fashion


Way 80s sweater dress (cocoa)        25L$ per dress

Hitchhiker (sunrise skirt option)     50L$   1 top & 3 skirts

Backstage tanktop (pink stripes)     75L$  megapack *

Pink argyle leggings                              50L$   megapack of 20 pairs

Black leather & red crystal collar – Magpie   Silver & Gold Hunt item

* not part of the challenge

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