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Fashion on a Budget 4

I have now reached the half way mark with this mini-series, and I am somewhat behind with getting freebies. But I have the great excuse of doing the Down The Chimney hunt, from which I have got some fabulous freebies :D.

One outfit that I found a lovely Steampunk unisex ensemble designed by Hyasynth Tiramisu (see Ember post). I had deleted the pic from my harddrive šŸ˜¦ so I have posted it as individual post from Flickr (\o/).

A favourite store in SL is Mischief. When I saw on the Skipping Stones Hunt blog that Mischief were a participating store, I knew I had to go and found the hunt prize (cleverly disguised as a open book). My decision was a good one, as this sweater dress is just lovely & the leggings are part of the outfit.

A friend of mine in SL, Calisa Devin, told me about a store that I had not heard of….. Free Speerit. I decided to hop over to check out the store and found that they have freebies at the back, and a ‘Whatever you want to pay’ wall offering jeans and tops.


*Not free/cheap*

Skin – Mila (tan) – Deviant Kitties

Hair – Heather (bronzed) – Calico Ingmann Creations

Shoes – O’Brien boots (black) – Indi Designs


Hipster sweater dress – MischiefĀ Ā  *Down The Chimney hunt prize 0L$

Jeans (coffee dark) & Star shirt – Free SpeeritĀ  * paid 10L$ on the “Whatever you want to pay” wall


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