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How to look good on a budget

I have set myself a challenge for this week…. To look good on a very tight budget; everything from freebies to cheapies (75L$ or less).

It has been over a year since I first rezzed into SL, so this week-long series will be both fun and challenging.

I have visited some of the freebie places that I know of personally, as I have used them myself and those that I have found on the blogs (principally SL4Nowt). It was SL 4 Nowt that sparked the idea for this series of blogs, and hopefully I can show the more established members of the SL community a few hidden gems in the miriad of freebies/cheapies out there on the grid.

Also I have picked up stuff from the Down The Chimney Hunt, which is currently going on across the grid with 90 designers/stores participating. I have also used stuff that I already have in my SL wardrobe.

Where possible I have noted where I have got the item(s) and if they were free/cheap or not.


*Not free*

Skin – Forest (Blossom -Rusty) – Dutch Touch

Shoes – Foxy Slingback (black) – Stiletto Moody

Tam 2 White Sandals – Lathilla Heels


Hair – Nicole (crimson) – ETD Discount  20L$ per colour pack

Sweater (soft pink) – Shiki Designs  Down the Chimney Hunt – 0L$

Plaid trousers – Nyte N Day  @ Gnubie Store (part of Peach Plaid outfit) – 0L$

‘Blue Gypsy dress’ – Pepperment Blue   part of an avatar kit – 0L$


*Not free*

Skin – See above

Hair – Treasure (Blackmail dark) – Vixen

Shoes – Tie Me Up (black on black) – Stiletto Moody


Rosey – Silent Sparrow   @ Gnubie Store – 0L$


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