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Hi there 🙂

I have 2 posts for you today….The usual Double Dose will be done later (have some new stuff to show you).

I have found some truely great stores in SL, thanks to my friends and to the blogs I read. I have plans for a daily post throughout this week, showing stuff I got from Sn@tch, owned by Ivey Deschanel. I had challenged myself to spend no more than 300L$ in the store. With this tight budget, I tp’d to the Freebie/Cheapie section of Sn@tch and had 25L$ left after getting some good stuff for 25L$ or 50L$ a piece, plus some freebies.

But back to this post, a few days ago I threw this outfit together, using what I had in my SL wardrobe already. The only new thing is the hair.

For those who know me in SL will probably have seen me dressed as a goth (and not all in black :P) or in a grunge/urban kind of style. For the past few months it has been the latter, although I have plans for a few gothy posts (watch this space).

I usually use my hubby’s photo studio when taking piccies, but when I tried to use it today, I ended up flying off the modelling table :(. So I had to resort to doing some outside piccies. As I was aleady dressed in a grunge/urban kind of way, I decided to check out the Missing Mile roleplay area on the Soap sim.


Skin – Claudia 8 (peach tone) – Laqroki

Hair – Faith (coral) – Sirena

Tanktop (choco – browns pack) – Dutch Touch

Skirt – Tardy w tights (brown) – DuckNipple

Boots – Asta (brown suede) – Zhao

Tattoo – Flower Garden 3 (arms 2) – Shady Tattoos


One thought on “MishMash

  1. I ❤ that sim! I don't roleplay at all (unless being an sl mum and sis is roleplay?) Anyways, the sim is awesome for piccies, and eyeing up avs clothes! I love the cutout of Jay and Silent Bob outside the grocery store! lol

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