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Double Dose – Somapop

Hi there!

I know that I am late with this post 😦 but I have very tired lately, and wanted to really relax over the weekend. One thing I did do was take the photos for this blog.

Another weekend, so another Double Dose, and this time, I have 2  further outfits made up from the box of goodies given to me by Soma Mayo.

I was in the mood for denim, and so created this look. The jacket with shirt was a group gift from Soma. I really like nicely gradient shaded textures, and the length of the jacket is just right.  The jeans are fabulous, great shading with the seams darker while the rest is faded and worn…. just like a pair I used to own in RL :).  Good work, Soma!!!!! Love your jeans 😀

The neckerchief I got from my friend Evie’s store for 60L$!!!!! She has some nice tanktops and other stuff available at her store and also on Xstreet SL.

In contrast to the denim, I tried to create a sexy club outfit. Hope you like it.

It is not very often that I  wear a tattoo, but I chose one that I have had in my inventory for some time, from Inks & Kinks. I love roses, not becasue of the scent that some have, but the many shapes and colours you can get.


Pic 1

Skin – Claudia 4 – Laqroki

Hair – Cayce (blackmail) – Vixen

Jeans jacket w shirt – Somapop

Rainbow jeans – Somapop

Trainers – Harry (rainbow) – Ducknipple

Accessories – Neckerchief (red plaid) – Evie

Pics 2 & 3

Skin – Claudia 4 – Laqroki

Hair – Valkyrie (blackmail) – Vixen

Karotop (black) & Jersey pants (yellow) – Somapop

Trainers – Harry (rainbow) – Ducknipple

Tattoo – Coming up Roses – Inks & Kinks


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