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Double Dose – So Many Styles

Hello, fellow fashionistas 🙂

I want to showcase each part of the first of 2 outfits from So Many Styles (SMS), finally ending with a picture of the full outfit. I will start at the top first.

I have kept to a muted palate with this particular outfit, and have chosen to accessorise accordingly. The skin that I chose is the Patti Makeup3 from A Piece of Candy (APoC), with greyish blue eye-shadow and a pale pink, almost natural, lipstick. I like the skins from APoC as the makeup is done really well, so it seems to be done by professional makeup artists.

This skin and 19 others are available at APoC as the Pink Diamond Hunt, with each of the 20 diamonds costing 1L$.

The necklace shown is from Uzuri, and is perfect for my chosen palate. It does not detract from the outfit, but emphases the texture of the dress & leggings, which shot with a metallic-like thread. The jewellery at Uzuri has a strong ethnic aesthetic, not only in the designs but also in the colours used.

I chose the Arianna hair in Mocha from Calico Ingmann Creations — please note that this available to group members only. The ringlets make the hair appear light, and gives it volume.

Another inportment accessory is the footwear. I had to trawl through the few pairs of informal/casual shoes in my inventory, before I found these clogs from Pixel Fashions.

Made in wood like traditional clogs, but with a modern twist with the gold tacks hammered in a floral pattern on the top of the uppers, not on the soles as in traditional clogs. The gold tacks offsets the golden highlights on the dress, where the silver of the necklace matches the colour of the leggings.

Finally, here is the complete outfit. I have chosen not to take closeups of the dress itself, as I wanted to show the accessories themselves. I like this dress, as it hugs the body and is shaded so that it looks and feels like velvet.

I have not felt the need to accessorise the 2nd of the SMS outfits, as it looks complete in itself. Any accessories would have been too much overwhelmed the outfit.

I love bohomenian influenced clothing, like this dress. Again, I have kept to a neutral palate, of khaki green and pearlly grey paired with black.

The skin I chose is the Patti makeup 4, also from APoC, as it too has a muted makeup.


Outfit 1

Skin – Patti 3 – APoC

Hair – Arianna (Mocha) – Calico Ingmann

Dress w Leggings – So Many Styles *

Shoes – Babsy Clogs (Brown) – Pixel Fashion

Accessories – Hypnose Necklace & Inaya Bangle – Uzuri

Outfit 2

Skin – Patti 4 – APoC

Hair – Amber (Dark Blood) – Calico Ingmann

Dress & Shrug – So Many Styles *

Stockings – Shiny Stockings (Black) – No 9

Shoes – Saturday Flats (Black) – Shiny Things

* These items are available on XstreetSL. For newer designs and collections, please visit Irie Campese’s store inworld.


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