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Somapop Goodies

More changes!!!!!!!!!!

I was talking to my friend Evie, while partying at Cafe Andromeda, when she said I should IM Soma Mayo, the creative brains behind Somapop, let him know how much I love the jeans which I blogged a few days ago.

So I did, and as a result of a long talk with Soma, I was given some freebies. These are currently available at Soma’s mainstore.

All of the items I have from Somapop are seperates, so I have the potential to create several different looks, and some of the items come in more than one colour :).


If I was anything like my avi in RL, then this would be what I would wear to bed…


Skin – Lashes (Tan) – Deviant Kitties

Hair – Tsui (Blackberry) – Deviant Kitties

Clothes – Emo Pants (green) & Naughty Black Top – Somapop

Sneakers – Cutie Controverse – ????

Round the House

When at home, I wear my most comfiest clothes. So too in SL.


Hair – Chouli (Copper) – Deviant Kitties

Clothes – Jersey Pants (white) & Knot Top (green) – Somapop


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