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Mischief & Ibizarre

Hi there!!!

I have a nice new outfit in SL at the moment, made from items brought at yet more new-to-me stores… This time it is Mischief and Ibizarre.

As it is now bitterly cold, I am buying some nice knitwear to keep me toasty warm and cosy. I popped along to Ibizarre to check out the store, as I always do, and on the new releases board were this cute little top and knitted jacket. They looked good together, so I brought them there & then.

I have been mixing them up with various jeans I have in my ever growing SL wardrobe…. My other half will soon start complaining that I’m taking all the space up in the wardrobe at our place… Oh well, such is the life of a fashionista, LOL.

I have currently paired the top & jacket up with a pair of cords from Mischief.



Yesterday I got a notecard from Cupcakes…. They have moved to their own sim, and to celebrate the move, they are doing a hunt…. 29 giftwrapped parcels hidden in the Cupcakes mainstore and around the sim. I have found 27 of the 29 parcels, not bad for the second hunt I have done :). But BEWARE THE LAG, I tp’d over to the sim, and soon I was lagging like crazy….Everyone who likes Cupcakes seemed to be there, and it was the same today.

Ok, I’ll shut up now and let you have the Credits.

Skin – Daydream (Wheat tone – Raspberry) – Cupcakes Hunt Gift

Hair – Tori (Dark Midnigt) – Calico Ingmann Creations

Top & Jacket – Ibizarre

Trousers – Country Mouse Cords (midnight) – Mischief

Shoes – Pumps (Black) – Maitreya group gift

Accessories – Black Star Beads – Diapop


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