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Life is like a Box of Chocolates

I try not to blog about the same store or designer twice, but I will make an exception in this case.

In my last posting, I had said that I had gone initially to check out the store. Well, I purchased 3 outfits, 2 of which I blogged last time, and now I want to show the third.

Ok, so what if I pinched the title from Tom Hanks in the film Forestt Gump,  I thought it was approciate. I love chocolate 😛

I don’t ‘do’ brown hair in SL, as I am a dark brunette in RL, and as I always wanted to be different in SL, I go for reds or blacks when I consider buying hair. But I had to get some brown hair for this particular outfit, even if I won’t wear it much, so I went to Hairy Solutions (formerly Bewitched Hair) as I had received a notecard about their new releases.

I like freebies and group gifts, and so when I joined the Maitreya non-SL group I was given a group gift bag containing shoes (Pumps in fact). There were the usual brown pair, but further down the list I saw Tawny (similar to Tan) and thought that would be the more appropriate colour.

APoC Emily_002

APoC Emily_003


Poses – Jonimation

Skin – Laurel 9 – APoC

Hair – Cassandra (Milk Chocolate) – Hairy Solutions

Outfit – Emily – APoC

Shoes – Pumps (Tawny) – Maitreya



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