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A Piece of Candy, anyone??

Every so often I browse through various SL related blogs, and sometimes get inspired or intrigued as to what’s going on. One fantastic blog that I stumbled upon is Kiss Kiss with Khitten Kurka.

I was reading the latest postings on Ms Kurka’s blog, and was introduced to another ‘new-to-me’ shop, A Piece of Candy (APoC). So being an inquisitive so-and-so, I decided to hot foot over to the shop and check it for myself. I am so glad that I did :).

APoC currently has a hunt on at the moment — 20 red diamonds for 1L$ each. There are also 2 other diamonds, also for 1L$ each. These are scattered across both floors of the shop.

A lot of the larger stores often have a discount section. APoC is the same, though the items are available for 1L$ !!!!!! So it won’t break your purse 😉

Whilst busily trying to find the last 2 red diamonds, I was perusing the items available in the store, and fell head over heels in love with 2 of the complete outfits on the ground floor of the shop — Carlye and Maria.

Both outfits have patchwork items, which I adore (as I occasionally do patchwork in RL), and patchwork has a retro feel to it.

Keeping to the retro theme of the outfits, I chose the Apple II hair (reds pack) from Maitreya and appropriate footwear from Shiny Things.

I sometimes add little extras such as jewellery, but in this instance I felt that would have been too much.

Enough chitchat, time for some piccies I think. LOL

APoC Carlye_001

APoC Marie_002

APoC Marie_003


Picture 1

Pose – LAP

Skin – Laurel 7 – APoC

Hair – Apple II (henna) – Maitreya

Outfit – Carlye – APoC

Shoes – Boho Sandals (reddish) – Shiny Things

Pictures 2 & 3

Poses – Floored set – Diesel Works

Skin – Laurel 7 – APoC

Hair – Apple II (autumn) – Maitreya

Outfit – Maria – APoC

Shoes – Saturday Flats (acid) – Shiny Things


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