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Desert Reaper

I have finally figured out how to combine photos in GIMP….. lol 😛

I have noticed that I tend to blog outfits that I have in my inventory, as I feel that there are already quite a lot of blogs that focus is on SL fashion. Not that is a bad thing, but having a different focus for a blog is a great thing.

The outfit that I want to bring to your eyes today is one created by Doc Eldritch, owner of DE Designs. He creates clothes for both men and women, in styles from Gothic, Formal and Casual. The quality of the designing can be seen in this particular outfit (“Intruder”), with attention paid to the buckles and straps, and the shading of the fabric as it stretches over my avi’s shape.

Mr Eldritch has redesigned this outfit and the new one (Intruder 09) is now available on xSLstreet and at his inworld mainstore, and has retired the original Intruder.  Go to and you can see pictures of the new version, for both men and women :).

The outfit reminded me of those sci-fi novels where you encounter strange new worlds and weird alien races. One such novel was Dune by Frank Herbert, where the main action takes place on a desert world. Also, the desert moon of Tatooine in Star Wars also came to mind, hence the Desert part of the title. The inspiration for the Reaper part of the name was inspired by the shadowy characters like bounty hunters that often populate such novels or films.

Keeping the Dune influence in mind, I set out to find a suitable location to take photos. There is a Dune-based sim, Splintered Rock, which is part of a 4-sim roleplay area. The photos were taken on the Deep Desert sim.





Poses – Long Awkward Pose

Skin – Farah B Tan – RockBerry

Hair – Fay (Espresso & Ink) – Deviant Kitties

Outfit – Intruder (pics 1 + 2 = Brown & pic 3 = Black) – DE Designs

Boots – Pinta Boots (pics 1 + 2 = ‘Lea’ & pic 3 = Black) – Indi Designs


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