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Indian Summer

*sniffle sniffle* *cough cough* … yet again I have caught the dreaded common cold, and so I am off work in RL for the whole of this week.

I know that it has been some time since I last posted something, so I thought I would put pen to paper …. erm ok, fingers to keyboard.

There is a week or two of really good weather when summer struggles on and autumn wrestles to gain a foothold, and this is often called a ‘Indian Summer’.  The title of this post was inspired by the outfit that I’m currently wearing in SL, made up of individual pieces made by Zaara Kohime.

Zaara’s creations are a fusion, a blending, of eastern (Indian) and western designs and textures. Some of the first outfits Zaara created were saris and lehengas (women’s outfits from India) as she could not find anything that she liked, but over the last 2 years she has created an extensive separates collection of shirts, skirts & trousers showing her creativeness as a designer, using the rich textures and colours of her homeland, India.

As well as designing clothes, Zaara also creates jewelry, which are often modern and comtemporary in design. But or those who like authentic/ethnic pieces, these too are available at the mainstore.



Poses – Odds & Ends @ Long Awkward Pose

Skin – Lily (make-up A – Tan) – RockBerry

Hair – Brenna (Dark Midnight) – Calico Ingmann Creations

Outfit – Mishti Tank (charcoal) & Larin skirt – Zaara

Jewelry – Karmuka necklace (wood gold), Survarna bangles (coloured) & Indian bangles (gold) – Zaara

Shoes – Jane Wedges (black) – Shiny Things


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