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Deviant Kitties Sale

2 blogs in one day….. WOW!!!!

Well I have been away for some time, so I making up for lost blogging time.

Anyone who knows me in SL will know that I am a bit of a hair addict, and I will have a different hair style on almost every other week.

Well I like the variety of hair available in SL, and one store I frequently visit is Deviant Kitties (DK).  So I was surprised to receive a notecard through the subsrciber service from Deviant Kitties that there is a sale on all this week only (2 Oct – 10 Oct):

For one week all hairstyles (excluding the ones with the new hair textures) will be on sale for more then 50% off. At the end of the week, all hairstyles using the old hair textures will be removed and the new textured hairstyles will be put up.

Helyanwe Vindaloo, owner of DK, is currently releasing new hairstyles with a totally revamped range of textures. So instead of coal, midnight and black, you will now get Ash, Blackberry, Coal, Espresso, Ink and Midnight in the Blacks pack. As well as new textures, Helyanwe has changed the prices for the individual colour packs to 200L$ and value packs are still 2000L$.

I have already purchased some of the new hair with the new textures, and can categorically say that I love the new textures.


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